It’s very natural for people to have a lot of questions when getting married as it’s not something you do every day. If you've got a burning question that isn't here - no worries - drop me a line. I’m more than happy to help with no sales pitch, I promise.

How far in advance do you take bookings, and when should I book?

As early as you know your date!  Especially if you are planning a wedding for March/April/May or September/October/November as these dates book out.  I take bookings as far as 2 years in advance. Around 1 year in advance is when most people book, 6 months or less is getting a little risky but still give it a shot.

my fiance hates having photos taken… can you work with him?

I love it when people ask this and the answer is a resounding YES. I specialise in drawing out natural emotion, and I have a few tricks for cracking those macho-men or shy-girls that hate posing for photos (it’s very much a less-is-more approach).

Do you work alone, or with a second shooter?

85% of the time couples want a second shooter as it means they can get the boys getting ready + multiple angles of the ceremony etc. I have a regular assistant, Tracey. She comes from a travel & landscape background like me but with a feminine touch and we take turns at working to our strengths. We have been working together for years and couples love it, so we’re not changing.

Who edits all the images?

Me. I’ve actually been using Photoshop since 2000. I now use Lightroom most of the time and Photoshop for those tricky edits. By doing the editing myself, I can control the image from start to finish. I know the capabilities and limitations of my gear and software right the way through, which means I have more confidence even in tricky situations.

When will we receive our images?

Usually between 4-6 weeks after your wedding – depending on the time of year, how many other weddings I am covering etc. Once the images are edited, I design your album and it takes approx 2 weeks at the printers. 

How many photos do I receive? Who chooses them?

The final image count will depend on the package you select – the general rule: the longer I shoot, the more photos you receive. I choose the images you receive and I don’t limit the amount to any predetermined number – nor do I make you purchase more for an extra fee. You receive all the images from the day that turned out how I anticipated and all of those are edited to be their best. Remember – it’s best to have quality not quantity.

What happens to the images we don’t get?

Images that are not included are just the ‘duds’. They’re either double-ups (I can get trigger happy sometimes) or were technically poor images (too dark, too light, someone pulling an unflattering face, I momentarily forget how to use a camera etc, etc, etc). These shots aren’t worth viewing and are deleted from my computer so they don’t take up disc space.

Do you make albums?

Yes, all my packages include one and I use  Momento pro, who are a world leader in premium quality photo albums. They are Australian made and the size depends on the package you choose. There is also an option to upgrade to a better album for a fee.

Black and white images?

In the final album you’ll receive a mix of colour and black and white images. It’s about 90/10 colour to b&w by my estimates. Sometimes images just look better in b&w and these are selected at my discretion.

Will you post some of our photographs online?

I would really love to. Straight after the wedding I like to post a sneak peek slideshow. This helps you keep feeling buzzed out about the wedding for a bit longer, and it shows my followers what I’ve been up to. Later, some weddings are selected for my online gallery; where a selection of 50-100 images are used to showcase my work.

How much is the booking fee and when do we pay you?

In order to secure my services for your day, a 25% retainer is required.

Do we need to feed you?

I would really love it if you could feed me please – but only if I’m staying after dinner. I keep myself going on my own snacks and water during the day.

Do you have any testimonials from past weddings?

Yes, check out my Facebook page for reviews from some of my amazing couples.

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